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Thursday, May 11, 2006

More on that Heidi Gal

As the fan club knows, the always fabulous and major league chica inspiration scrapbooking goddesss Heidi Swapp is dropping by for a little make 'n take, a little demonstration, and just a few hot diggity dog giveaways on May 27th from 1-3pm. Although plenty of "SHEs" have staked a claim for a reserved seat for completing the Heidi Ho Assignment of Altered Letters, we want the legions of Heidi fans to know that there will be room for walk-ins on a first come, first served basis for the make 'n take. Come early, we'll give you a color coded ticket for the 1:30, 2:00 or 2:30 session. (Early means on the 27th. Early does not mean start asking today. Unless you are going to camp in front of the store like it's an IKEA opening. And even then, no ticket til 10am on May 27th. But we'll bring you a Route 44 cherry limeade every day. And we'll let you use the rest room on a regular basis. You can even borrow the tent in the play area.)

Heidi will take us through a couple of projects, lead some product demonstrations, and be available for pics and autographs. She will also conduct a drawing for some fun and fantastic giveaways, based on tickets earned from Heidi purchases (at our store) in May. You can also check out her gallery of inspiration featuring her amazing product line. And of course she will be dazzled by the creative genius of your projects and thrilled to see how each and every one of you have broken new ground in product application. You SHE devils.

And have I said yet that this is all FREE? If you feel the need to contribute something in return, we will have donation boxes set up for all your recent stash purges. Everything donated will go in Heidi's name to a local LifeBooks program, where all the supplies can then be used to create scrapbooks for the awesome kiddoes in the foster care system. We also asked that she donate her traditional giveaway of a personalized page to the program. (We promise that we have something outstanding to take its spot in the drawing.) Doesn't that just make you smile? It's goody goody gumdrops all over the place. Yay.


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