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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Maybe Bare Feet is the Answer...

Big shoes to fill with Kay's movement to the East.

Making the leap is Sara:
We know she can create. So you can call her a creative genius.
We know she can organize top to bottom and side to side. Label her efficient.
We know she loves all the bits and bytes of the computer world. Digitally inclined, you might say.
We know she has an opinion and is not afraid to use it. Assertive? We like that term.
We also know that this is a new experience for her.

We want her to succeed.
We want customers to continue to love the store and the service.

So tell us what you love, and tell us when it's not working.
We commit to listening and doing our best to respond to you.
We know the customer is not always right. (Trust me on this one. It's rare but there are a couple people out there that are just wrong. None of them read the blog, so if you think I might possibly be talking about you, nope. If you're reading this, it's not you. So settle down, already.)
We also know that the customer is always the customer. We expect you to want to be treated that way, all the time, regardless of anything else happening in the universe. And we know we can deliver.

And please welcome Sara to her Assistant Manager role. She wants to rock your world with paper and scissors, and we want to help her find her shoes. Ones that fit her just perfectly.


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