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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crying Crop-o-Dile Tears

Was it something I said? Were the piles too much? Did the ribbon-rack straightening wear you out? Some things never change, but everyone at Annalis has been changed, and in a good way, by you, Kay.

It's my way of saying to everyone that Kay is going back to her roots, her corn, her love of all things Husker, and the wide open plains of Nebraska. The love of her life and her husband (isn't that swell when it's the same person?) has been transferred, and so it goes.

She came into our store in a way that just made everything work, everything better, and everything fun. In spite of my very best efforts, she was able to keep things running smoothly and keep customers happy.

I will miss her so much, for so many reasons, but know that she is not moving away from us. Rather, as all things worth doing and being, she is moving towards something else. We hope they know how lucky they are, wherever it ends she lands.

We promise to write if you promise to visit. Take care.


  • At 11:16 AM , Blogger dedra said...

    I will miss seeing Kay when I walk in the store...Good luck to her and her husband...

    I'm sure I will being seeing you soon Suzy...have a good day..



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