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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Crowning Achievement

We unpacked the new Queen and Co today and are utterly smitten with the cuteness of it all. Pink cosmetic bag holds your scrapbook makeup so you can touch up your pages just so. I know it's just packaging, but the contents are royally charming as well.

Shoot, It's Tracy White

CK's new photog mag also arrived. We just love what Tracy did for our journaling, and can't wait to see all her photography tips and tricks. It's not just the camera that takes great photos, ya know. Great photography can happen with off-the-shelf cameras, if you use good technique and apply feedback accordingly. I'm from the school of Nick Kelsh: get closer, use natural light, and take more pictures. Toss in a good "always willing to hear more advice" and we're cooking.

Where's My Crop-o-Dile?

Due to arrive momentarily, we have prepared for the oncoming assault by building a wait list. Be the first to be called for your new tool by ensuring your name is on the list. First come, first called, first served. Remember, it is better to be called about a tool that to be called a tool. We know, we are just full of useful advice. Can you stand it?


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