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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Avalanche of Creating Keepsakes Idea Books and Mags

It arrived today in a maelstrom of activity: tonnage of books from CK. Get your:
  • Groovy new Idea Book, Volume bazillion or so, with loads of nifty new layout ideas.
  • Journaling Handbook by Tracy White. It's been out for a while but if you have not yet picked one up, it is amazing. Really gets you on track to writing the stories to complement all those gorgeous layouts.
  • Rebecca Sower's latest. Again, not brand-spanking new, but if you get this plus the Tracy journaling book, tell 'em at the counter that it says on the blog that when you purchase Tracy's book, you can pick up Rebecca's for 1/2 price. You will not regret grabbing this pair of idea books.
  • Simple Scrapbooks 10 Things Cards: When you want to create something simple and sentimental, these $5.95 cards are just the ticket. So quick to complete, and there are a dozen themes available.
  • Simple Scrapbooks 2006 Planner: Are you kidding me that we are planning for '06? More than 1/2 the decade is gone? Well, this planner will get you through the year in style. Get inspired every day with this simple and accessible calendar.

Bazzill Wings

OK, I admit that I am not sure what Bazzill wants with wings. It just keeps reminding me of that "feminine product" commercial from back in the day. "It's got wings!" OK, right. But the Bazzill stuff (wings or no) is awesome. Big brads, big boshers, lotsa colors, lotsa ways to fab up a layout. Apparently, size does matter.

Also from Bazzill, although wingedless at this stage, metal monograms. Spell out any old thing in your choice of rectangular or round pewter metal tags. Can't wait to paint, ink, sand, and otherwise alter the danged things. I guess I could add my own wings...


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